Professional Services

Resource Assessment

Understanding the forest resource is fundamental to identifying the profitability of any forestry undertaking. MBAC has developed considerable expertise in planning and undertaking forest assessments in both natural and plantation forests for a number of organisations in a wide range of countries. This accumulated variety of experience enables MBAC to provide practical, commercial assessments of forest estates that are targeted to provide relevant information for forest managers and investors.

To do this, MBAC has considerable in-house expertise in the use of remotely sensed data (satellite imagery, LiDar and aerial photography) to either validate forest areas or develop our own assessment of the forest area depending on the situation and client requirements. We have developed practical databases to record forest areas and operational activities to assist our due diligence investigations and assist clients record their forest based activities. This allows MBAC to either validate the existing forest owners’ description of the forest or, by combining this with our assessment expertise, we are able to prepare an accurate description of a natural or plantation forest.